DaHoodShopBR Presents: TRAP PLUCKS VOL 1

Posted: July 31, 2013 in LOOP PACKS



DaHoodShopBR in Association with PowerForward Production Presents:


These Loops were created in Baton Rouge La, By PowerForward Productions and Mastered At DaHoodShopBR Studio’s on the date stated above. This means that you will have a product that not many producers will have in their arsenal, separating YOU from the rest!!!

Let’s just keep it real with each other, most of the loop packages for sale are just a song chopped up into some loops and you rearrange them here and edit there and the next thing you know your calling yourself a producer….well the thing is 10 other wanna be producers who bought the same loop package, with the same chopped up song, are in the same boat with you and you are all on Soundclick hawking the same chopped up song!!! Just a different version…..

Anyway, what you get is 25 Brand Spanking New TRAP PLUCK Loops, in 24 Bit/44.1 kHz WAV quality. They come in the following tempos, 130 BPM 135 BPM 140 BPM 145 BPM 150 BPM Each Folder has 5 High Quality TRAP PLUCK Loops made with 1 instrument in 5 DIFFERENT Melodies!!!! There is no song for you to try to rebuild and call your own, Just use these loops to inspire your own creativity and begin making quality beats with sounds and melodies that not many folks have. Experienced producers will be able to “chop and resample” these loops as they wish and everything that I sell is ROYALTY FREE!!!! But, if you blow up using my samples, holla atcha boi with some work…..

Equipment used to create these sounds include Native Instruments Maschine, Sylenth, Purity, Hypersonic, and many many more…..Mixed down in Pro-Tool with quality plug-ins @DaHoodShopBR!! WORKS WITH ANY DAW THAT SUPPORTS WAV FILE FORMAT, YOU CAN ALSO CONVERT TO OTHER FORMATS IF YOU NEED TO. BUT WAV IS THE MOST WIDELY USED, SO TO KEEP COST DOWN, THAT’S ALL I OFFER

If purchased on Ebay you will be sent the download link ASAP, most cases within minutes, but please allow up 24 hours for digital delivery….

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